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          Online English-Chinese Translation  中文版


          We sincerely welcome talents from all walks of life to join our company. If you had good understanding in one or more languages; If you had rich knowledge in certain or multi fields; If you had a passion in translation & interpretation; If you had interest in getting more fun and pay in your spare time; If you were willing to contribute your talents for communication of world civilization; Join us!

          Please download following application table, fill it and E-mail/fax it to us.

          Press here to download application table.

          Fax: 86 23 63855335

          E-mail: KM777@163.com

    Address: 2-6, Renmin Rd. 238, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, PRC   Post Code: 400015
    Tel/Fax: 86-23-63855335 E-mail:km777@163.com QQ:27588578 MSN:zqm1982@hotmail.com
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